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SEGWAY Mini pro Hoverboard Review


SEGWAY mini pro hoverboard is the form of gadget that is characterized by the most progressive hands-free self-balancing scooter with cutting-edge innovation. It has the weight of 28 pounds and is much lighter in weight to carry it all around. The Segway mini pro can often rides up to 220 pounds. The lower prescribed age for using it is approximately 16 years, while the rider should be about 85 pounds.  By using this hoverboard, you would be able to cover about 14 miles on a single charge, that is all the more keeping in pace with the comparative products.

Insight the List of Segway mini pro Hoverboard Features:


SEGWAY Mini pro Hoverboard

A Complete Mobile App Control:

This mini pro is useful enough in getting a complete control all through the advanced mobile phone which has either Android or iOS operating system. The operation does not mean about just pushing ahead and in reverse. By use of the application, the speed can be controlled.  It has the control safety measures with the mini Segway remotely. You can also quickly adjust light settings, as well as color settings and brightness

Mileage Capacity:SEGWAY Mini pro Hoverboard

On the full battery recharge, you can ride with up to 14 miles or 18 kilometers. Hence the mileage predominantly will be different as by the riding conditions like indoor or outside landscape.

Speed Range:

It is to be mentioned that the maximum speed range of the product can be around 10 miles per hour (MPH). In favor of the individual transporting device to travel as all through close by spaces, 10 MPH velocity is enough to do.

Superb Design:

You will be able to get it in the color variations of either black or white. It has been added to the second engine motor that hence conveys 1600 watts of force. The unit has been enclosed with the lithium-particle battery and can go up to 14 miles on a full charge. It would take around 4 hours for the complete recharge.

Specifications of Segway mini pro Hoverboard:SEGWAY Mini pro Hoverboard

  • It has Padded knee control bar that empowers exact controlling with solace.
  • It has been installed with the 800-watt second engine.
  • It has the maximum scope of 14 miles.
  • 5″ vacuum tires are also part of it.
  • You can connect the Segway mini pro with your smartphone to the application all through using Bluetooth.
  • The Aircraft evaluation magnesium composite edge manufactures it.
  • It has been added with customizable LED Lights.

Pros of Segway mini pro Hoverboard

  • It is overall designed in elegant impression.
  • It is much simpler to ride and control.
  • It makes your offer with the cross-versatile application coordination

Cons Segway mini pro Hoverboard

  • It does not have any drawback apart that it is a bit higher in rates.


To wrap up the discussion, we would say that Segway mini pro is the gadget-come-vehicle which you should own right now. It is hands-free set and is self-balanced too. For its control, it makes the use of bleeding edge innovation. It has the superb designing variations in it.