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SWAGTRON T6 Terrain Hoverboard Review

Right into this blog post, we will be having a complete set of discussion about the SWAGTRONT6 terrain hoverboard.  This is named to be the product having the superior cutting-edge self-balancing board. It has been put together with the high range of the features all along with the functionalities, and killer-tech under the hood.  It is an all-terrain board that makes it completely different from others, yes! It’s unique! If you are searching the best hoverboard for your personal use, then never miss reading the specifications of SWAGTRON T6 TERRAIN because it is perhaps what you need.

SWAGTRON T6 Terrain Hoverboard Review

List of Important Features of the Swagtron T6 terrain Hoverboard:

  • One of the major and biggest features of this product has been its massive 10-inch all-terrain tires. They are also inflatable, that make it give with the greater versatility than comparable solid tires.
  • It has been altogether set with the two 35-Watt motors under the hood. It would be excellent to be used on the rough ground and inclines.
  • It has been installed with the coverage of the 12mph speed limit that makes it come about to be the faster boards on the market. Isn’t it amazing?
  • SentryShield multi-layered battery protection is also part of it that builds amazing standard in it. It also grants you with the safe and secure protection features.
  • In the wide range of other functions, it would make your offer with the impressive weight capacity of up to 420lbs. It has been carried with the new LED lights for added safety that is all capable of emitting light up to 6.5-feet in both directions.
  • Bluetooth speakers have given the product with the massive sum of popularity.
  • It would make your offer with the app control too. You just have to download the app and turn your phone into a fully-functional trip computer that would make the whole riding experience worthy for you.
  • It has been adjusted with the controlling functions that are much easy and simple to use it all around. It would not be too much heavy as its overall weight is 200lbs. On top of the smooth surfaces, it would merely be giving out the impression of riding a mini monster truck.

Pros of Swagtron T6 terrain Hoverboard

  • It has been favorably added with the comfortable ride that fills you with confidence in its capabilities.
  • It has the ability of the load capacity of up to 400lbs.
  • It would be perfect to ride on the rough terrain and inclines.
  • It has the top speed of 12mph.
  • It is affordable in price rates.

Cons of Swagtron T6 terrain Hoverboard

  • It is not fully waterproof.
  • On top of the off-road, its range is not much excellent.

Final Verdict:


Well after reading out the features and amazing pros of Swagtron T6 terrain Hoverboard, we would surely be recommending you to buy this product right now. It has been much durable, sturdy, long lasting and reasonable with its price rates.